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About Us

Research and Consultation Specialties:

Volcanic hazards assessment:

Mapping, probabilistic analysis (recurrence, spatial impact), geochemical analysis, GIS analysis, numerical modelling.

Volcanic Risk evaluation:

Economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis of risk treatments, GIS modelling.

Emergency management planning:

Warning systems, operational support plans, communications planning, scenario and training tools, public awareness plans.

Community hazards education and planning:

Participatory methods, hazard and risk evaluation, prioritising risk treatment strategies, community emergency plans, risk perception, education materials development.

Agricultural and environmental impacts of volcanism:

Impact assessments and management tools, animal health, pastoral agriculture, cropping.

Health impacts of volcanism:

Acute and chronic health hazard impacts, water supply testing, ash testing, fluoride hazard assessment and survey.

Education and awareness:

Undergraduate and postgraduate tertiary teaching in a broad range of emergency management and volcanology areas.

Research Team
Mt Taranaki eruption history research team, 2004.
Ambrym Volcano
Ambrym volcano, Vanuatu, volcanism and human health impacts, January 2005.
Yasur Volcanic Hazard Map
Volcanic hazard mapping and assessment, GIS project for, Yasur volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu.
Ruapehu Lahar Simulation
Development and testing of hazard phenomena models, Ruapehu Lahar simulation using Titan2D (with U.Buffalo).