Our transdisciplinary team is focussed on developing unique solutions to the problems encountered in our volcanic environments. We have a broad range of skills with considerable knowledge and experience to develop hazard and risk management solutions.


Research And Consultation Specialties

Volcanic hazards assessment

Mapping, probabilistic analysis (recurrence, spatial impact), geochemical analysis, GIS analysis, numerical modelling.

Volcanic Risk evaluation

Economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis of risk treatments, GIS modelling.

Emergency management planning

Warning systems, operational support plans, communications planning, scenario and training tools, public awareness plans.

Community hazards education and planning

Participatory methods, hazard and risk evaluation, prioritising risk treatment strategies, community emergency plans, risk perception, education materials development.

Geological and Volcano Remote Sensing

Spatial-temporal change detection, geological mapping, hydrothermal mineral mapping, economic geology, geothermal exploration.

Physical Volcanology

Volcanic sedimentology, tephra chronostratigraphy, eruptive processes.

Volcanic Plumbing Systems

Petrological and geochemical investigation of historic eruption deposits and geophysical imaging.

Agricultural, health and environmental impacts of volcanism

Impact assessments and management tools, acute and chronic health hazard impacts, water supply testing, ash testing, fluoride hazard assessment and animal health, cropping.

Education and awareness

Undergraduate and postgraduate tertiary teaching in a broad range of emergency management and volcanology areas.

Working with Indigenous communities and Māori

Our research has been effective in transferring indigenous knowledge (and matauranga Māori) to find solutions that empower our indigenous communities.

Our Team

Staff Members

Jonathan Procter

Jonathan Procter

Professor in Natural Hazards

Karoly Nemeth

Karoly Nemeth

Professor in Geology

Mark Bebbington

Mark Bebbington

Professor in Geostatistics

VRS Staff - Georg

Georg F. Zellmer

Professor in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Gert Lube

Professor in Volcanology

Gabor Kereszturi

Gabor Kereszturi

Senior Lecturer in Earth Science and Remote Sensing

Stuart Mead

Stuart Mead

Research Officer

Anke Zernack

Anke Zernack

Research Officer

Matthew Irwin

Senior Tutor

Kate Arentsen

Project Manager/Research Development Advisor

Anja Moebis

Anja Moebis


Post Docs

Melody Whitehead

PostDoctoral Fellow

Ermanno Brosch

PostDoctoral Fellow

VRS Staff - Daniel

Daniel Coulthard Jr

PostDoctoral Fellow

Rebecca Fitzgerald

PostDoctoral Fellow


David Johnston

Director/Professor of Disaster Management

Carol Stewart

Associate Professor

Christine Kenney

Professor of Disaster Risk Reduction

Our Partners