New PhD students

31 October 2013

Gaby Gomez Margaret Damaschke

Two new PhD students have joined Volcanic Risk Solutions. Magret Damaschke, who is from Germany, will be researching the eruptive history of Mt Taranaki, New Zealand, with the aim of establishing a precise record of the volcano’s eruptions. This record will allow us to improve ash fall hazard evaluations for the Taranaki region, as well as gain insights into the magmatic and volcanic processes operating at Mt Taranaki. Magret’s PhD is supervised by Professor Shane Cronin, Dr Kat Holt, Dr Alan Palmer, and Professor Mark Bebbington.

Gaby Gomez Vasconcelos comes to New Zealand from Mexico. Her PhD is on the structural controls on volcanic vents, eruption mechanisms and hazards in the Tongariro Volcanic Complex, New Zealand. Gaby’s research is supervised by Professor Shane Cronin, Dr Jonathan Procter and Dr Pilar Villamor (GNS Science).