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Coring in Taranaki

31 March 2014

Volcanic Risk Solutions PhD student Maggi Damaschke spent the summer coring lakes and swamps in Taranaki, New Zealand, to gain a better understanding of the volcanic history of Mt Taranaki. With her PhD supervisors, Professor Shane Cronin and Dr Kat Holt, as well as David Feek from Massey’s Soil and Earth Sciences group, Maggi collected several cores from Eltham, Ngaere, Tariki and Midhirst swamps, as well as from lakes in the region. These cores have preserved in them at least 36,000 years of volcanic and environmental history and by examining the cores on a mm-scale, Maggi will be able to improve and extend the eruption history of Mt Taranaki.

Maggi’s research is supported by the New Zealand Natural Hazards Research Platform and she is funded by a Massey University Doctoral Scholarship.

Coring Taranaki
Maggi Damaschke and David Feek use a percussion hammer to core a swamp in Taranaki
Mt Taranaki
Mt Taranaki, New Zealand