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Andrea Todde

Andrea Todde


Tertiary education

  • 2013-16
  • (MSc) Geological Sciences and Technologies - University of Florence, Italy
  • 2010-13
  • (BSc) Geological Sciences - University of Cagliari, Italy

Bechelors and Masters Research

Andrea Todde
View of Mt. Ruapehu and Mt. Ngauruhoe, New Zealand (May 2017)

2016: ”The Plinian activity of Sakurajima volcano (Japan) in the last six centuries: stratigraphy and dynamics of Bunmei, Anei and Taisho eruptions.” Supervisors: Raffaello Cioni and Marco Pistolesi

2013: ”Proximal products of the 16 march, 2013, eruption of Mt. Etna” Supervisors: Raffaello Cioni and Daniele Andronico

PhD Research


“Understanding eruption scenarios and scaling future volcanic events of the Okataina Volcanic Centre”

Research Summary and Objectives

This PhD project focuses on the dynamics and physical processes of rhyolite eruptions. Very few cases have been directly observed worldwide of this type of volcanic activity, making hard to constrain and forecast the temporal and spatial variation of their eruptive sequences. The area of research chose for this thesis is the Okataina Volcanic Centre (OVC), the northernmost and active rhyolite centre of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, in the North Island of New Zealand. Focusing on the last 25 kyr eruptive activity of the OVC and using the AD 1314 Kaharoa (the youngest rhyolite episode of the centre) as case study, this thesis will establish a coherent framework for characterizing rhyolite eruption scenarios the centre may face in the future. The proposed approach will integrates field studies with the textural and geochemical characterization of the erupted materials for the selected key eruption. Later on the project will scale and compare this eruption with the post 25 kyr rhyolite eruptions of the centre, and will draw comparison with the few cases (similar in intensity, magnitude and dynamics) directly observed worldwide.


  • Field work to reconstruct the eruptive sequences, distribution of the erupted materials and their link to source vents.
  • Characterize the main sedimentological features of the tephra deposits and their particle contents at key localities.
  • Characterize the main physical, geochemical and textural properties of the erupted materials (Electron Microprobe
            Analysis, X-ray Fluorescence, FTIR-microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, 3D Tomography, Pycnometry)

Research Interests

  • Physical volcanology

  • Field studies of tephra deposits

  • Textural and geochemical characterization of volcanic rocks

  • Calderas

  • Volcanic hazard
  • Publications

    • Journal Articles

    • Biass, S., Todde, A., Cioni, R., Pistolesi, M., Geshi, N., & Bonadonna, C. (2017). Potential impacts of tephra fallout from a large-scale explosive eruption at Sakurajima volcano, Japan. Bulletin of Volcanology, 79(10), 73. doi:10.1007/s00445-017-1153-5
    • Todde, A., Cioni, R., Pistolesi, M., Geshi, N., & Bonadonna, C. (2017). The 1914 Taisho eruption of Sakurajima volcano: stratigraphy and dynamics of the largest explosive event in Japan during the twentieth century. Bulletin of Volcanology, 79(10), 72. doi:10.1007/s00445-017-1154-4


    Andrea Todde
    Dome complex of Mt. Tarwera, New Zealand. From left to right: Wahanga Dome, Ruawahia Dome and Tarawera Dome. (Apr 2017)
    Andrea Todde
    Large ballistic ejecta and associated impact crates after an episode of lava fountain at the summit craters of Mt. Etna, Italy (Oct 2013)