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Anja Möbis

Dr Anja Möbis

Phone:+64 (06) 356 9099 x4821

Tertiary education

  • 1997-03
  • Institut fuer Geologie und Geophysik Universität Leipzig

Diploma thesis

“Isotopic and hydrochemical characterisation of the hydrological - hydrogeological system Merapi”


The main aim was to analyse the condensate of the fumaroles and water samples of four springs at Merapi volcano, Indonesia in order to find its origin.


The water of three springs emanates from precipitation, whilst one river on the western flank features water from the hydrothermal system.

At the fumaroles there are differences between the mofettes and the solfatara Woro II. The samples of the mofettes emanates from precipitation except the mofette North, whose water comes partly from the hydrothermal system.

The water of the solfatara Woro II is of mainly magmatic origin; it indicates the possibility of containing seawater.

PhD Research


“The physical Volcanology and hazards of pyroclastic eruptions from the Tongariro Volcanic Centre, New Zealand”


  1. To develop a more detailed view of the frequency/magnitude spectrum of eruptions from the Tongariro Volcanic Centre.
  2. To develop detailed eruption reconstructions of four to five individual eruption episodes that characterise that range of eruptive mechanisms and scales associated with large-volume arc volcanoes
  3. To describe the potential volcanic hazard aspects of various types of eruptions possible at TgVC and develop eruption scenarios for emergency management planning
  4. To model the tephra dispersal from a range of eruption scenarios of the TgVC and develop ash fall inundation hazard maps and forecasts under present-day wind conditions


  • Geochemical methods: XRF ands ICP-MS
  • Optical microscopy
  • Electron microscopy
  • FTIR microscopy
  • He Pycnometry
  • He-Porosimetry


The first year of study is funded by the Institute for Natural Research Massey University.


Anja Möbis
Volcano-Exhibition Auckland (March 2006)
Anja Möbis
Mt Ruapehu (March 2006)