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Professor Shane Cronin

Professor Shane Cronin

IAE, Massey University

Phone:+64 6 356 9099 x 84871
Fax:+64 6 350 5632
Mobile:+64 21 228 9882

Tertiary education

  • 1997
  • Ph.D. Earth Science Massey University (Volcanic geology of the Northwestern Tongariro National Park)
  • 1992
  • BSc.(Hons) - 1st Class Massey University
  • 1991
  • BSc. Earth Science Massey University


  • 2012
  • Plenary Lecture, Geosciences 2012 Conference, Hamilton
  • PI, MBIE/Natural Hazards Platform “Faster Rebuilds with MRCGE” $287k, 3 yrs
  • Panel Member – Physical Sciences, 2012 NZ PBRF Quality evaluation
  • 2011
  • Science Leader, Massey tasks in Natural Hazards Platform, $2.89 million, 4 yrs
  • Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship
  • 2010
  • Invited Presenter, Cities on Volcanoes 6, Tenerife, Spain
  • Invited Keynote presenter at State of the Arc, Syros and Santorini, Greece
  • 2009
  • Keynote Lecturer, 11th Volcán De Colima Meeting, Mexico
  • PI, FRST-IIOF “Facing Auckland’s Volcanism” $966k, 3 yrs
  • PI, Marsden Fund “Exploding the pyroclastic-flow enigma with life-scalable experiments” $789k, 3 yrs
  • 2008
  • Invited Presenter, IAVCEI Congress, Iceland
  • Invited Presenter, Asian International Symposium on Modelling Volcanic Eruption for Volcanic Hazard Assessment, Indonesia
  • 2007
  • Keynote Presenter, IAVCEI, Cities on Volcanoes 5, Japan
  • Keynote Presenter, Geological Society of NZ, Tauranga
  • 2006
  • Keynote Presenter, IAVCEI, Cities On Volcanoes 4, Ecuador
  • 2005
  • PI, Marsden Fund “Capturing a life-sized lahar” $740k, 3 yrs
  • 2003-05
  • PI, FRST-PGST “Living with volcanic risk”, $4.25 million, 6 yrs
  • Invited Presenter, Western Pacific Geophysical Union, Hawaii
  • Keynote Presenter, 17th Australian Geological Congress
  • 2002
  • Expert Member, Intl. Volcanic Health Hazard Network, IAVCEI
  • 2000
  • Lifetime Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (Germany)
  • 1998
  • Hochstetter Lecturer, Geological Society of New Zealand
  • W. Pullar Publication Award, Geological Society of NZ.
  • M.L. Leamy Publication Award, NZ Society of Soil Science.
  • Royal Society of N.Z. Travel Award.
  • 1997
  • N. Z. Science and Technology Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • Claude McCarthy Fellowship.
  • 1995
  • Royal Society of N. Z. Young Scientist Award
  • Helen E. Akers Scholarship
  • Tongariro Natural History Society Memorial Award
  • 1992
  • Helen E. Akers Scholarship
  • N. Z. Vice-Chancellors Committee PhD. Scholarship
  • 1990
  • Massey Scholarship
  • 1988
  • Horowhenua Scholarship

Employment Record

  • 2010
  • Professor in Earth Science, Massey University
  • 2008-10
  • Associate Professor, INR, Massey University
  • 2007-08
  • Director, Volcanic Risk Solutions, Massey University
  • 2003-07
  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer (04-) INR, Massey University
  • 2001-03
  • Scientist; Abt. Vulkanologie und Petrologie, GEOMAR, Christian-Albrechts Universitaet Kiel, Germany
  • 2000-01
  • Research Officer; Massey University
  • 1997-00
  • NZ S&T Post Doctoral Fellow; Massey University/Sth. Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC), Fiji.

Other Information

  • PI and research leader for research programmes in volcanic risk, physical volcanology, probabilistic risk quantification, emergency management and geo-health, agriculture and environmental chemistry from MBIE, Natural Hazards Research Platform, Marsden, EQC, UNESCO, NZAid, SOPAC.
  • Published >135 refereed works 101 journal articles, 8 book chapters, 8 refereed proceedings, 19 other refereed reports), 39 popular articles, >280 conference abstracts.
  • Leader of rapid-response programmes for emergency scientific advice in NZ and the SW Pacific, e.g: 1995/96, 2007 Ruapehu; 2003 Lopevi, Vanuatu; 2005 Ambrym and Ambae, Vanuatu.
  • Led developmental projects in the area of volcanic risk management in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, for NZODA, UNDP, and SOPAC.
Professor Shane Cronin
Hawaii 2003

Research Themes

  • Physical volcanology, especially mass-flow processes and volcanic sedimentology
  • Volcanic hazard and risk assessment
  • The interaction between volcanism, the environment and human communities
  • Hazard and risk communication
  • Participatory community hazard and emergency management planning
  • Volcanic impacts on agriculture
  • Volcanic fluoride and human health
  • Volcanic processes and landscape/soil development
  • Oral traditions and cultural practices/beliefs related to volcanism

Current Research Programs

  • Facing the Challenge of Auckland’s Volcanism: A 3-year program that will use a ‘sister volcano’ approach with a volcanic field in South Korea to better understand the behaviour, evolution and time—varying hazards of distributed basaltic volcanic systems, such as the Auckland Volcanic Field. Funded by the New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology’s International Investment Opportunity Fund.
  • Building a geochemically- constrained time-varying eruption hazard forecasting model for Mt Taranaki: An Earthquake Commission of New Zealand funded project looking at developing a time-varying hazard model for Mt Taranaki, New Zealand
  • Learning to live with volcanic risk: A large multi-disciplinary program that aims to build NZ’s resilience to volcanic risk, especially from the andesite stratovolcanoes of the central and western North Island, funded by the New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology (Public Good Science and Technology).
  • Capturing the secrets of a life-sized lahar: a study to understand the rheology and internal dynamics of future lahars at Ruapehu volcano and to develop methods to numerically simulate these hazards. Funded by the Royal Society of NZ, Marsden Fund.
  • Participatory methods applied to community emergency management planning.
  • Evaluation of volcanic oral traditions and volcanic cultural practices as tools for hazard mitigation and preparedness.
  • Volcanic health and environmental/agricultural hazards from gas and ash fall in NZ and the SW Pacific


  • Journal Articles

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Professor Shane Cronin
Swimming -here in Iceland with Kaj Hoenle. Afterwards they were like this ..
Professor Shane Cronin
Now what?
Professor Shane Cronin
Riding moas when they still roamed the forests of New Zealand...a bit like riding pigs in Vanuatu – pull their ears in the opposite direction to where you want to turn!
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Three of the 4 founding members of the “Pacific-rim-debris-avalanche” society, an exclusive club devoted to finding volcanoes with surf beaches around the Pacific (here seen making a rare visit to the Caribbean).
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